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WSS foot and Officers

By in General News on October 1, 2011 . 48 Comments

WSS Officers

We have just received these pictures of some of our first figures for our WSS range from the very talented Paul hicks,these figures will be shipped to us on monday we will then make the production […]

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WSS Grenadiers in Fur caps

By in General News on September 12, 2011 . 194 Comments

Pictures of Grenadiers in Fur caps,these can be used for Portugeuse, savoy,Bavarian and other German states Grenadiers. good fortune and happy gaming Nick

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Pictures of first greens for WSS foot

By in General News on September 12, 2011 . 95 Comments

We have just received the first pictures of the greens from paul these are of two Dutch Grenadiers two Grenadiers in Fur caps and two musketeers advancing,paul is working on the figures firing and loading standing […]

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Painted WSS Horse and new Crimean Russian Infantry

By in General News on September 9, 2011 . 97 Comments

We have just received some of the first casts which have been painted by the brilliant Steve Dyer as an illustration of what they will look like,Bob is adding the saddle straps and carbines hung from […]

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New WSS mounted officer

By in General News on August 31, 2011 . 68 Comments

A quick picture of our new WSS mounted officer,the saddle straps are still to be added which bob is working on at the moment,also a couple of pictures of our new figure and foot dolly alongside […]

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Wars of the Spanish Succession

By in General News on July 30, 2011 . 17,590 Comments

Exciting news this week as we recieved the dolly’s for our new range of wars of the Spanish succession infantry,these are beautiful sculpt’s by the brilliant sculptor Paul Hick’s. These will be converted into a number […]

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Belgian Cavalry 1914

By in General News on July 16, 2011 . 140 Comments

We have just recieved painted examples of our new range of Belgian lancers from the guys at artmaster studios,these are part of our extensive range of Belgian cavalry from August 1914 this will cover all three […]

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The French Army of 1914

By in General News on July 14, 2011 . 4,046 Comments

world war one french hotchkiss machine gun section

To add to our range of figures for the Belgian army of  August 1914 we will be releasing a range of figures for the French army of 1914 which will include infantry and cavalry which we […]

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